Flat striped worm

Small earthworms are completely consumed; large ones may not be totally eaten, but they always die. Memoirs of Museum Victoria In yet other species, each flatworm tries to impregnate the other without itself being impregnated, as it involves more energy to produce eggs. The food particles are taken up by epithelial cells in amoeboid fashion and formed into food vacuoles. The digestive and excretory system of the aquatic proboscis worms is more efficient than that of lower animals in that a well-defined mouth,….
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Hammer Head Worm

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No one knows for sure why the worms' heads are so weird-looking, but it could have to do with the positioning of these sensory organs, he said. They can survive desiccation only if water loss does not exceed 45 percent of their body weight. Colour pattern variation in the tropical flatworm, Pseudoceros Platyhelminthes: Polycladida , with descriptions of three new species. Flatworm undescribed 5. Assessment of the global potential of the predatory land planarian Artioposthia triangulata Dendy Tricladida: Terricola from ecoclimatic data. Flatworm undescribed 5. The majority of the approximately known nemertean species are found in marine habitats.
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The affinities of the nemerteans may lie with the flatworms, although molecular evidence generally fails to support this view; both groups have similar types of embryonic development and the same basic body plan. Hammerhead worm is native to Asia. Hammerhead worm likes to hang around in garden, so you might think that it is a vegetarian pest which feeds on plant only. Flatworm undescibed 2. Multiple lateral eyes are arranged in a single row around the anterior tip of the narrow head. Illustration from Esser Circular and longitudinal muscles are present.
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A predatory terrestrial flatworm, Bipalium kewense , in Texas USA feral populations and laboratory observations. Worms Common Octolasion cyaneum. Small earthworms are completely consumed; large ones may not be totally eaten, but they always die. Biology of the Invertebrates. Flatworm Caenoplana coerulea Blue Garden Flatworm. Some have simple eye spots on their head or along their body margins. Slug Yellow Limacus flavus.
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