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However, after a particularly poor box office outing to go along with abysmal reviews , it's safe to say that this misfire needed more than a strong cast to hit paydirt. Originally posted by sorigirl That can be said for Please be considerate of nyyfans. It was his first major motion picture, and the thenyear-old didn't want to hold back anything A downside was that all of you would have bitched about the seedings and pairings -- it would have been impossible for me to make everyone happy.

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Is this a clip from that VH1 segment? So I'll just bring it back to the first line: I go for the exotic look. Round Two commences tomorrow A blonde TV and movie hottie takes on a Latin music star, and two pretty similar young star actresses one a write-in go head to head in what promises to be another barnburner. Originally posted by sorigirl The chest, which leads to that crazy set of abs, which leads to those hips and that booty. She officially become the frizzy haired fake bleach blond chick a couple of years ago. Celeb Cum Targets : Elisha Cuthbert You will hardly notice this while watching because the new elements were integrated quite good into the movie.

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It's quite a departure for a cover girl known primarily for stirring up men's emotions, rather than embracing her own. Here are a few famous actors and actresses that used body doubles for nude scenes. MuleSkinner , Sep 1, She didn't show you everything. A shot-on-video, do-it-yourself quality documentary that belongs on late-night HBO rather than in theaters, "The Cuthbert might well be my current absolute 1.
As for Portman, she has the same birthday as me she's a year older though. Cute elisha jade in dark corset She's making a last-minute charge, just like Shania Twain last night! Let me know if you want me to put in a good word for you. Which is why Cuthbert became anything but quiet after she got her hands on the Sundance workshop script by two unknown writers. Blonde elisha jade posing on bed
lotustallboy 29 days ago
Very pretty girl, great cocksucker. The mirror was a nice touch. Too bad the guy had to jerk off. She would have done a great CIM.
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Wow! What a sweet little fuck! - Dave
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she looks good pregnant
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Lol she gets her toes curling
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God I hope you're in the chamber.
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A goth chick and a black...talk about a rarity. Unfortunately, that cat-eared head covering makes her look stupid.
cyber152 3 months ago
They all "can swallow", but always don't. Very very sexy, but ending is somewhat disappointing... she lacks the final enthusiasm... Just my 2 cents....
renerene46 10 days ago
Absolutely nuts video, great fun hehe ;-)