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Ultimately, however, most people are unable to keep this up. However, you may have periods that are heavier than normal. I know that because of my past people will always bring up the subject, I can't get away from it. Much of the development that determines your gender identity — the gender you believe yourself to be — happens in the womb uterus. You can get a test kit from your local doctor, contraceptive clinic or young person's clinic. Jess Clark sat down with the three of them as they share the story of Hunter's transition.

At what age do you go through puberty?

World's youngest sex-change operation

Many trans people have treatment to change their body permanently, so that they are more consistent with their gender identity, and the vast majority are satisfied with the eventual results. It is important to not be 'bullied' into anything that you are not comfortable with. I felt like we were reaching a crisis point, because we had kind of lost our kid. She said: "I had a problem because I couldn't wear skinny stuff, but now I can wear whatever I want to. In many cases, a person with gender dysphoria will begin to feel that there is a mismatch between their biological sex and gender identity during early childhood.

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However, hormones from other sources may not be licensed and safe. Ovaries The ovaries are two small, round organs in the female reproductive system that release an egg every month. Treatment for gender dysphoria Treatment for gender dysphoria aims to help reduce or remove the distressing feelings of a mismatch between biological sex and gender identity. You may have a crush on someone you know of the same or opposite sex as yourself. Statistics have shown that some surgeries have seen demand shoot up over the past decade as society became increasingly accepting of trans-sexuality, but what is it and what is involved?
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